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Public Inquiries in Flintshire. 

Stringers Lane Kinnerton
Two claims had been made to put a bridleway on to the Definitive Map. The first was in the late 1980’s and the second in 2007. Both were based on 20 years uninterrupted use. The original application had not been processed and the papers mislaid. 
Flintshire County Council (FCC) submitted the Claim to the Planning Inspectorate in 2012. At this stage, although they had taken extensive research, FCC decided that they would take a Neutral Stand. This meant that the Community and the Ramblers had to take on the case to be put to the Inspector. 
Following the Public Inquiry the Inspector concluded that a right of way existed over the route. It has therefore been added to the Definitive Map.

Gwern Alyn
This was a claim made in the 1990s and not processed by FCC. Eventually they submitted it to the Planning Inspectorate who again held a Public Inquiry.
Because of the delay some of the witnesses could not be found and others were not clear on the route walked. As the claim included a section over a railway line Network Rail objected. They were represented by barrister who put forward the argument that the path could not be created because anyone crossing a railway line at this point would have been trespassing.
The Inspector although not agreeing with the barrister, turned down the application. The reason being that the evidence submitted by the witnesses was not consistent.

Hawarden 112
This Public Inquiry was to decide the actual line of the footpath. This path had been altered by the construction of the A55 in the early 1980s. It is not clear where and how the path reaches a public road. 
We supported the County in the belief that the path went through a farmyard to a public road. The Definitive Map shows it going to join another road before joining the public road – effectively outside the boundary of the farm. Unfortunately this link was now in private hands. The owner is disputing both the line through the farmyard and around it.
A PI was held in July and we are currently awaiting the Inspector’s decision

Saturday, January 19, 2019