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Footpath Workers are vital to the work of the RA. Their aim to protect public rights of way, and encourage their use.


These are the people on the ground who deal with Path Problem Reports on behalf of the Association. After problems have been reported to the RA Footpath workers carry out further investigations e.g. is it a definitive path? Who is responsible for the problem? The highway authority is told of the problem and endeavour to see that these are resolved.

Footpath Workers also survey the footpaths in their allocated Community/Communities. This involves walking the paths and making a note of the condition of the path, stiles, signposts, etc. This then gives us an overview of the state of the network and shows what needs to be done.

Footpath Workers also deal with Path Orders. The path network can only be changed by making a path order which involves the diversion of a path, or in the extreme, extinguishing a path. Footpath workers conduct a site visit and assess whether or not the change will be beneficial to walkers.

Footpath Workers sometimes organise practical clearance work, campaign for example for more resources or re-allocation of funds for rights of way work within the Highway Authority, or do research on the definitive maps.

They are supported by staff at RA central office in London, and by the RA’s Welsh Office in Cardiff.

We invite members and the general public to join us, to become part of a team, working on their local RA Footpath Committee.

If you come across a path problem and know in which Community and County that it is in then complete a Footpath Complaint and send it to the appropriate Footpath Secretary. If you are unsure send it to the Area Footpath Secretary.

Click Here to go to the Footpaths Complaint Form at The Ramblers Association.   This way the information gets through as quickly as possible and is passed to the local representative as well.

If you come across problems on land being used for equestrian activities, there are special guidelines relating to this. Click Here to view.

Click Here for Open Access Report Forms.  The contact is: Max Grant

Click Here for Off-Roaders On Footpath report form and instructions.

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Click Here for contact details of County Footpath Secretaries

Access Problems?



Path problems are many and various. One thing they have in common is that they don’t sort themselves out.

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